“Jackie has helped my business get off the ground and also advanced my knowledge of social media. Every time we do a photo shoot together, the pictures are so well done it’s hard to pick which one to post. She also gets them edited so quickly! Furthermore, I love how passionate Jackie is about projects because it gets me more excited and we always end up creating beautiful things together. You will quickly see, without a doubt, she’s the bees knees.”

Tierra Owens, DJ and owner of Desertd

"Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Collaboration shoots are done up to 3 times a season depending on number of accepted applicants. These shoots are thoroughly planned and the entire crew is hand picked by Jackie and her creative team.



Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Wardrobe Stylists, Set Designers,  Videographers, Photographers, Airbnb,  etc.



For product or service based businesses looking to get professional photographs representing what they are selling.



We welcome applications from agency standard to  those who do not conform to mainstream ideals of beauty. 

Are you looking to get your products photographed in a collaborative shoot? This form is for you! This package increases brand exposure opportunities for your product while  saving you time & money . There is a flat creative fee to have your products featured in a collaboration shoot which varies by shoot. This fee covers time spent planning the shoot, time spent shooting, time spent editing, on shoot provisions for crew,  and usage rights for you to use the photos for your business website, email marketing, social media, print, and other forms of advertising. You will walk away with HUNDREDS of professionally edited images.  I welcome as many creative ideas and inspiration photos you would like to contribute so I can make sure I get you your dream photos!  Please feel free to email more information, questions, or inspiration photos at
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This is a great opportunity to meet creatives, learn from each other, get experience and build your portfolio. If you have a specific concept in mind you are trying to come to life (such as an avant garde makeup or hair look you've been wanting to get professional images of) there is a $75 creative fee that goes towards planning the shoot, shooting, and editing time. 
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If you are interested in modeling for my shoots you're in the right place! These shoots will provide you with the opportunity to meet other creatives, get experience in a fun-laid back environment, and build your portfolio. Your information will be stored in my database and saved until a shoot comes up that you would fit for! If you are a model interested in booking a test shoot, please head over to my booking page.
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